Review – Road ID

I have recently discovered a road safety product called Road ID

It is basically an engraving service where they laser engrave your important information onto a metal plate. Important information such as your emergency contact person as well as your name and age. This metal plate can be worn on your wrist or ankle or attached to your shoe. The idea is if you got into an accident, the paramedics will be able to contact the designated person or people to make decisions regarding your medical care if such a situation arise.

Personally, I think this is a good idea. Every jogger, cyclist and motorcyclist should be wearing one of these in Singapore. There are cases in Singapore a healthy young jogger would found dead along the road. The jogger had not been involved in an accident. Could the jogger been saved if the paramedics could contact his or her loved ones to make quick medical decisions on their behalf? Nobody knows how things would have been. Regardless, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Also, there are also cases of elderly with dementia getting lost in the streets without any identifications. If anyone kind soul bothered to ask the lost elderly if he or she was lost, that person would have no way to contact their loved ones too. Even if the elderly was brought to a police station, unless the family of the lost elderly made a police report, the police probably would have no way to know who the elderly is.

So when that in mind, I had ordered one for myself and another for my father. I personally ride my motorcycle to and from the office. My father have retired and enjoys jogging and cycling so the Road ID is a good idea for him.

I got the Wrist ID Slim for both me and my father. It took about 2 weeks for my order to arrive. The silicone band wasn’t sticky like some other bands tend to be. It is dry and comfortable to be wearing it the entire day if you need to.

I recommend this to all joggers, cyclists, motorcyclists and elderlies. This is a product worth checking out.


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