Foul mouthed Grandmother

What do you do when you have a foul mouth grandmother? What do you do if that grandmother has dementia? What do you do if she lives with you?

It is very hard to keep an even temper in the face of a foul mouth person. It is very hard to remember she wasn’t always like this. It is next to impossible not to lose your temper at her when she is like that every single day.

My grandmother has dementia. Sometimes she has good hours, sometimes she has bad hours. More often than not, she is on the bad end of the spectrum. My domestic helper (maid) bears the brunt of things. My family step in when her verbal abuse get out of hand. Sometimes, I shout at her. Sometimes, I just ask her why her mouth is so foul.

Then, there are times when her mind is clear, crystal clear. That’s when my heart would break, she would ask for death. How can anyone give an answer? Most times, we would blow off her question and treat it as a joke. Nobody has an answer for her, at least not an answer I or anyone would say.

With her dementia, it feels like she is decaying from inside out. The mind is the organ that holds everything together. Is it better to fall apart without knowing it?



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