Review: Waterman 32

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Waterman 32Waterman 32

Waterman 32

This Waterman 32 is my very first vintage flex nib pen. Waterman is still making pens now. However, vintage Waterman fountain pens are available on Ebay and various vintage pen sellers. Personally, I got this pen from Tommy’s Vintage Pens a few months ago.

The pen is a simple design, black pen with silver accents and a gold nib. Though the design maybe simple, it is also timeless and there are many moderns pens with similar design. However, I wished the accents matched the nib but regardless this is a very solid flex nib pen.

Wow what a difference the way the nib feels, compared to a Noodler’s Konrad! It is so soft and flexing is practically effortless. I am not a master at any calligraphy or cursive writing but somehow it seems to improve my handwriting just by using the Waterman 32.

One thing to note, I really do not like not being able to disassemble the Waterman 32 easily. The only way I can wash the pen is flushing water in and out of the ink sac via the lever. It is definitely not as convenient as completely disassembling the entire pen and soaking the parts.

Though this pen will not be my everyday workhorse pen, I really like having this pen inked and handy when I write letters to my penpals.

Waterman 32Waterman 32

Waterman 32


  • It flexes
  • Gold nib


  • Hard to clean out throughly
  • Lever filler (hurts my nail lifting the lever)

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