Review: De Atramentis Vineyard Peach (Scented)

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This is a very odd red colour. It isn’t a dark maroon like Sailor Oku Yama, it isn’t a bright red like Pelikan 4001 Brillant Red. It is something in between. It shades from a dark red to a pastel pink colour. It has the scent of peaches just like the name advertised, luckily it isn’t too strong or overpowering.

De Atramentis Vineyard Peach isn’t a regular sort of red, It is rather unique shade. If you are a fan of red inks, you should check out De Atramentis Vineyard Peach.

My thanks to Fook Hing for providing the ink to me for review free of charge. I am giving away the bottle of De Atramentis Vineyard Peach. All you have to do is to tell me if you enjoy scented inks. This giveaway will ends 20th July 2015. The winner has one week to claim the prize otherwise I will be drawing another as the winner. This giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore.

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12 thoughts on “Review: De Atramentis Vineyard Peach (Scented)

  1. I have never tried scented inks – but I imagine I would like to try them. I’ve only been writing with fountain pens for a week now – wish I had started much earlier. I’m bit by this bug.

  2. Intrigued by the unique shade and a lovely peach scent to boot! I can imagine writing in a peach orchard with this lovely 😄

  3. Hmm I’ve personally never tried scented inks, would be interesting to try one! 🙂 And a lovely colour too while at it! 😉

  4. Never tried a scented ink before but it will definitely be a nice experience to my nose as some ink really smell bad 🙂

  5. I will have to get some, it looks beautiful, and on top of that, it’s scented with one of my favorite fruits! And to participate, I do love accented inks

  6. I like wine "scented" inks and most fruit scented inks but I tend to shy away from floral scented inks. Wine is milder and smells exquisite. While fruit smells sweet and comforting. Floral smells great standalone but tends to feel more intrusive and distracting. That’s just my personal opinion though. I have friends who love smelling their rose scented notes. Haha!

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