Review: KWZ Chicago Blue

My thanks to Ana of The Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample. KWZ Chicago Blue is a standard dark blue ink. It is mostly flat and doesn’t shade very much. It does have the standard KWZ ink scent and so if you don’t like it, stay away. This colour feels excellent for corporate use.

Review: KWZ IG Green #1

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample. I’m super behind on reviewing and using my ink sample stash. Ok, I’ll stop whining. KWZ IG Green #1 has the characteristic scent which I actually like. IG Green #1 is part of KWZ’s Iron Gall series. It’s a dark teal colour that shades beautifully. It

Review: KWZ Cherry

View fullsize Cherry is red ink by KWZ that really reminds me of Christmas. It’s bright, it’s vibrant and it pops. It’s a red that shades really nicely. Cherry goes from a deep red with a little purple undertone to a pink-red colour. Red is normally not my go to colour for my fountain pen.