The Onion has just recently published an article that truly speaks to me. The article talks about finding the one true thing that you love and doing it in your free time, in between all your work, life and family commitments. I don’t want to rehash what has been covered very well by the article.


After listening to On Taking Photographs episode #43, I thought about what Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman talked about heroes. Everyone has their heroes, not the kind that has super powers and fly around saving people. These heroes do have super powers and they do from time to time save people, but these heroes usually

Nugget of Wisdom – Bushing teeth

Nugget of wisdom from a friend.

If you had to choose, would rather not brush your teeth in the night or the morning. According to my friend, you should brush your teeth in the night.

You don’t bush your teeth in the night. If you don’t, the food stuck in between your teeth would rot and your teeth will decay. You will
suffer the consequences.

If you don’t bush your teeth in the day, the germs would make your breath stink. Others will suffer the consequences.

So if you have to choose one, brush your teeth in the night.